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Default Re: why JR should start at PG

Originally Posted by meloshow
JR doesn't have great lateral quickness on defense which would be a mismatch in itself. Imagine him trying to defend the Chris Paul's and Deron Williams' of the league? It would be embarrasing for an already embarrasing defensive team.

JR is the purest of pure SG's and I don't think we should experiment with someone as unpredictable as Smith and leave the Pg duties to Atkins and AC.
The thought of Chucky Atkins starting at the pg scares the sh*t out of me, especially with a team like Denver. The last thing we need is a(another) shoot 1st point guard taking shots away from both AI and Melo. Not to mention he is undersized and isn't a good defender either. Which is why AC, who may not be the best, is the most obvious choice when it comes to the pg situation for Denver.
On the other hand, as some of you've already stated, I wouldn't mind seeing Iverson move to the point and J.R. start at the 2, which makes alot more sense than having J.R. start at the point.

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