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Default Re: why JR should start at PG

JR smith needs to be in the starting five...but not necessarily as point guard. I'll admit that he impressed me a little bit last year in regards to ball distribution. there were plenty of times when melo was on the bench and the offense ran primarily through JR. JR was more than capable of taking his man off the dribble to the basket...and unselfishly finding the open man if he drew the extra defender. what's so exciting is that he is a really versatile offensive player. not only can he play a catch-and-shoot off-ball role in an offense...he can also be relied on as the primary playmaker, get to the basket, and simply make plays.

I don't necessarily think that JR has to start at the point guard position. it became blatantly evident to me last year that AI had two distinct mindsets throughout the game. whenever our starters were on the floor (carter, melo, kmart, camby - worst cast of off-ball shooters in teh NBA), AI was disruptive and dribbled the ball excessively. when our shooters came into the game off the bench (smith, najera, klieza)...AI became a lot more passive in the offensive, giving room for JR to create, strictly driving to create open perimeter shots for teammates, etc. I would venture to say that having JR start as the shooting guard would change AI's mindset.
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