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Default Re: Forget Turkey forget NBA. Kobe Bryant has Soccer in his Sights

Originally Posted by StacksOnDeck
It's hard to know something that didn't even happen. It was a procedure, not surgery.

Anyways, back to the point, you're the idiot that believes Kobe should sit on a couch and not play in a charity soccer game that his friends invited him to. Your fake concern is disgusting considering you're a KObe hater.

A) Please post more emoticons. It's really bolstering your credibility significantly.

B) Point out where I said he should be 'sitting on a coach'.

C) Point out where I demonstrate a shred of concern.

D) Continue to split hairs between 'surgery' and 'procedure'. If that's really the horse you want to put your money on I'm not even sure why you bothered responding.

You act as if there's no middle ground between being a bed ridden, completely immobile goon and routinely putting yourself through strenuous physical activity. The guy could still be working out in preparation for the coming season like any other NBA player. Instead he's engaging in stretches of basketball games overseas and volunteering for superfluous things like this, which increase the chances of aggravating preexisting injuries and limits the time allotted to bounce back from said injuries. Once again, because apparently this really needs to be clarified, the charity game isn't the issue; it's the perpetual lack of attention he gives his ailing body as well as the myriad of injuries he's sought medical attention for. Despite what you want to believe, and according to time itself, exerting yourself physically eventually adds up.

You'd be hard pressed to find LA fans who wouldn't want this guy to rest for the first summer in 4+ years.
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