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Default Re: The Knicks got mopped by the celtics tonight!!

I watched the game and We came out looking sluggish. It reminded me of last year when Steph force fed ecity early. Boston D was on point, They Knew the game plan and forced turnovers. Everybody and they momma was hittin jumpers(Eddy House) Looks like a good fit for Boston.Last year Steph played D on ray allen when he was with seatle. we won the game and steph shut ray allen down. Back to the game. Even though Jamal look a lil diesel he cant play quality D. Pierce had his way with Q who missed a lot of shots. Overall adjustments are going to be made. Look for eddy to be quicker with his passes when doubled. I could see he's been workin on this but the guards didnt help with extra passes leading to the 3 in the Key. More movement and better D is required. Not bad on Turnovers but no assist
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