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Default Re: Resident Evil Games

Originally Posted by WilliamPhiladelphiaSmith
Finally! some people who've actually played RE... and they ain't shabby posters either.

Well my personal favs are 2, 4, Code Veronica X, and Remake.

Best Characters are unfortunately, Leon in the fourth with his cheesy lines, but overall badazznocity, Jill Valentine, Wesker,

Despite me losing my fear of horror movies, the jump scenes do frighten me at times, just because I'm so into the game.

I like the concept of the T-virus, the corruption of the business, the search for immortality leading into dire consequences, so the storyline attracts me (plus i intend to major in biogenetics.)

VC fav part of RE4? Del Lago? Village? Fast-paced action. Tall Slasher Guys? Introduction of the Merchant?

getting chased around by Dr. Salvador the chainsaw man, the first time playing it.

I remember trying running into the cabin, then I see the chainsaw man, and panic, but felt some slight ease when I found a shotgun...

then I kept pelting the chainsaw man with the shotgun... until I ran out of shells... then ran like hell before witnessing the prolonged execution scene with the struggling and the screaming as the chainsaw gets stuck in Leon's neck

but I suppose my favorite part later on would be the military complex fight when the helicopter provides cover.
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