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Default Re: Good win over the Bulls

Originally Posted by Reef
LOL, you think Calderon was the reason Rose had a bad shooting game? Did you even watch the game? Did you not see Rose getting in the paint at will in the 4th quarter? It was the help defense from Amir, Davis and JJ that made him miss or get blocked on his drives.
His defense was much better than other games against Rose. I said it was "decent", not excellent. Calderon can't prevent Rose from getting to the paint, but he can make it difficult enough to give a chance to the help defence.

Originally Posted by Reef
Bargs shot 7-19...ya real good night. 8 rebounds, wow!! He should be averaging AT LEAST that. He's had 1 double-double the entire season. Pathetic. This guy's rebounding is so god-awful pathetic that now we think an 8 rebound night from our starting C is good?
I take that 7-19 as a good thing because the defense from Chicago (Gibson, Noah...) was very hard. He found different ways to score even so. After watching a game like this you can't negate that he is a versatile scorer.

Originally Posted by Reef
As usual, you ignore Amir, who also had a bad rebounding game but was 8-8 from the field and of course DeMar who took control in the 4th, demanded the ball, and scored the same number of point as your beloved Bargs but more efficiently. Funny how you forget to always mention them as being important.
Most of those 8 buckets were assists from Calderon, and the rest were put-backs. Nice job, but I wouldn't call it a key player.
I have to give credit to DeMar. He is improving quickly. He is an athletic slasher that can score through contact. He is still limited though and in the fourth quarter, when the defense is harder and the lanes close, he finds it difficult to score. Then you see that a player like Barbosa is still at another level.

Sorry, as much as you can hate this, the Raptors rely on International players. You'd better assume this, because it is the future of this team. At least International players re-sign for the Raptors at the right price.
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