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Default Re: Good win over the Bulls

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
I don't see how Bayless is any less of a PG than Tony Parker. Obviously he's not as talented but they're the same style of player. You can be a productive PG and not be a pass-first type guy.

The problem with Bayless is his shot selection. I don't mind him taking a lot of shots, just not the long jumpers and 3's which he has proven to be bad at. Also he needs to be a bit smarter with his dribble penetration. Sometimes he's out of control or gets stuck too deep with nowhere to go. (how many sexual innuendos in those last couple sentences?)

Nice points.

I like Baylis because of the foot speed and potential which is both a blessing and a curse.

He is admittedly one of those 1-2 tweeners.

If we had a really talented young 1 Balylis would serve off the bench as 6th man ideally - change of pace guy - and could rotate through the 1 and 2 positions over 28 minutes without any let down ....

...assuming he gets his shot selection maturity and reaches his potential (i.e. a midling 1st rounder as a solid NBA player)
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