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Default Re: Good win over the Bulls

Originally Posted by bada bing
why is this kid making this into an international love fest again? who gives a damn where someone is from? Something is seriously wrong with you and the way you think. You are an oversensitive delusional kid that has taken it upon himself to be the leader of the international world. just stop with your bias.

Not sure. Pretty sure none of us care where the players are from as long as they actually contribute something positive to the team. And the fact that this kid is making it seem like the Europeans are being severely underrated as they are who we "rely" on is a joke.

Calderon, Klezia, Bargnani, Barbosa.. have all reached their potential and are "leading" us to such a great record.

The fact of the matter is that our core for the future is American players.. not because they are better then Europeans.. but because they have talent and potential that makes them easy pieces to build around.. Unlike our 7 foot small forward..
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