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Default Re: Klay Thompson did well at Warriors workout

Originally Posted by Maga_1
Why do you need more SG's or SF's?

Jrue Holiday/Lou Williams
Jodie Meeks/Evan Turner
Andre Iguodala

Sixers need a big man who can defend, rebound and as well as play pick n roll. But more importantly a physical prescence because Speights cant defend and Elton Brand playing Center is asking too much when you can have him play his natrual position and recieve better results.

But Sixers also have more needs than just a big man. They need a scorer. They need a perimeter threat who can stretch the floor. Jodie Meeks is the only guy on this roster who is a certified shooter and can hit the 3 ball from downtown. Jrue is solid but other than Meeks who else provides perimeter scoring? Sixers arent a very good 3pt shooting team overall. Not really a good shooting team overall.

Klay Thompson fits that player who can help this area out while having more upside/potential than Jodie Meeks. Klay could be a starting SG with Meeks backing him up. Meeks really isnt a legit starting SG but a valuable guard to have backup your starting SG. Evan Turner can play SF and be Iggy's replacement.

Where does that leave Lou if Klay is as good as advertised? Iguodala, Speights, Nocioni (basically an expirer), Lou Williams becomes players who are trade bait. If they cant bring you back size to help fill the need of a rebounding, defending big? Then

Another perimeter player I'd consider is Jordan Hamilton. I'd take him at 16 over a big, even Klay Thompson. Marshon Brooks is someone I'd consider but not sure if I'd pull the trigger over say Markief Morris or Vucevic.

Sixers needs may be big, but if a perimeter talent is there at 16 with better talent, value than the big thats available? Take them, especially since Iggy is more likely to be traded than not.

Sidenote: I dont see Thad as a starter. 6th man giving you 26-28mins off the bench of instant offense playing SF/PF whatever matchup he can exploite and take advantage of.
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