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Default Re: Question For Hornets Fans

Originally Posted by 1~Gibson~1
I got a few Q's i need to ask you hornets fan.

How good of a PG is Janero Pargo? Starter, Backup, just a 3pt Specialist?

Is he a good defender?


Do you think he'll get re-sign this offseason?

Im asking this because as we all know the cavs dont have the best PG's in the world (Delonte West & Daniel Gibson) and from what i've heard some euro team is trying to sign him (Delonte West). Would he be a good fit for the cavs?

I think the Hornets will re-sign Pargo. I agree with Nets Fan that he's a good 6th man. He plays pretty good defense. Not stellar lockdown defense but his quickness allows him to stay in front of his man well. He's nice energy off the bench. Actually I'm hoping the Hornets do re-sign him.
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