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Default NBA heights: Griffin's size isn't in question anymore...

Charles Barkley always was listed as 6-foot-6 in his NBA career, though he admitted in his book that he was 6-4. The Nuggets’ Carmelo Anthony, listed at 6-8, measured 6-6 1/4 at the NBA pre-draft camp. Michael Beasley was listed at 6-10 while a Kansas State Wildcat, is listed at 6-9 with the Miami Heat and measured 6-7 at the camp a year ago.

So you can’t blame’s Chad Ford for what he wrote a few weeks ago about Blake Griffin: "A surefire NBA stud if he doesn’t measure 6-foot-6, which, in this pessimistic environment, a few GMs fear he might.”

Skepticism is recommended when it comes to heights. Basketball players have been fudging their stature for decades.

But NBA general managers can rest a little easier. Griffin, the plum of this mediocre draft, stands 6-foot-9 in his bare stockings, 6-10 in shoes, which he is likely to wear during important games.

This information comes from multiple sources, including my eyeballs.


So the teams looking at Blake shouldn't be worried that he's a tweener who would be forced to play some 3.
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