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Default Re: Big Papi Standing Up For Bonds..

this is the most relevant thing Papi said:

"He's just making things worse," Ortiz told the Herald. "He's the commissioner, there's nothing you can do about it. You can't be saying that. What are people going to think about the game? They'll be like, 'This game is a joke.' He should come, even if he doesn't want to."

thats my problem with baseball....Its the most poorly run sport of the major four......

the commisioner needs to be a calming influence bringing order to the game, not more chaos....He ignored this issue when Mcgwire and Sosa made their run for the record books (i even remember Mcgwire standing in front of his locker during an interview and there was creatin in plain view sitting at his locker) now he is pointing the finger instead of fixing the problem.....

Big Papi - 'This game is a joke.'

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