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Default Re: #64 NBA Player Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

Originally Posted by HardwoodLegend

T-Mac had some incredible shotblocking seasons in 01 and 02 to go with his offensive onslaught. I remember he even drew a few All-Defensive votes to go along with Scottie Pippen comparisons.

Imagine how much better his defense would have looked having Shaq instead of Andrew DeClerq as a defensive anchor too. It would have made his job on the perimeter easier.
Well maybe not. It was always very close, you could really go either way. It's too bad T-Mac's prime ended so quickly, we could have seen more duels between him and Kobe at their best. 2002-03 is when I first remember paying any attention to the NBA, although until the past year or so I was an MLB guy first. I wish I had followed NBA more back then, I only really followed T-Mac closely I didn't get to watch many games back then in the regular season (we never have had cable) and there were no streams online back then.
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