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Default Some quotes from media day

Coach P.J. Carlesimo on ticket sales: ďUnbelievable. Even though you expect it or you think itís going to happen, itís something that we all canít take for granted. Itís incredibly special. Maybe thatís the way it is in OklahomaÖ Itís really incredible in this day and age with the economy and all the things thatís going on and all the things you read about sports to be in a place where the enthusiasm is not just good, itís so over the top itís exceptional. Iím going to really try and be careful and not take it for granted and not just say, ĎWell, thatís the way we knew it was going to be here so thatís normal.í This is not normal. Itís exceptional, and weíre really grateful for it.Ē

Carlesimo on Durant becoming more of a vocal leader: ďI think thatís something that just evolves. I wouldnít put that on him. If it happens great. Weíve got a nice mix of leadership. I think you always look for your best players to lead. But I donít want him to necessarily feel like heís got to usurp that from anybody else. I just think that will naturally happen.Ē

Carlesimo on the importance of October to Russell Westbrook: ďIn one sense very, very important. In the other sense meaningless. Weíre going to look back years from now and no oneís going to remember or have any clue what Russell did in October of his rookie year. But by the same token, we want to hasten his development. We want to put him in situations even in (the first five preseason games), anything we can do to accelerate the process is good. We did that with Kevin and Jeff last year. We anticipate doing that with our young guys again.Ē

Carlesimo on the importance of the division: ďHalf the teams in the league I donít think know who the teams in their division are. It matters if you win your division. But other than that itís just where you finish in the conference.Ē

Nick Collison on the uniforms: ďI really like them. To be honest, when I heard of the colors I couldnít really see how they go together very well. It seemed like a lot of different colors. But when I saw the uniforms they looked great. I really was impressed with them when I saw them today.Ē

Kevin Durant on adjusting to the physicality of the NBA: ďThe league is very physical. Itís grown man strength up here. In college youíre dealing with a lot of boys. But up here itís grown men. I just told myself not to get in there. I know Iím not the strongest guy. I just let my talents kind of take over and always get better. I worked hard in the weight room this summer, so hopefully it pays off.Ē

Durant on how much he matured last season: ďI came in and was thrown right in the fire early. Iím glad I was put in that position. Iím happy to be a part of a great organization that relies so much on me to step up and be professional. And Iím happy that I can do that. This year is going to be a new year for us. I grew up a lot last year, going through a lot of different things. Hopefully this is a better year for us.Ē

Durant on what heís looking forward to this season: ďJust playing in front of a sellout crowd every night. Thatís something that we didnít have too much of in Seattle. But here, playing in front of sellouts every night, itís going to be just like Iím in college again. So Iím excited
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