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Default Re: Warriors and 76ers discussing Monta Ellis for Andre Iguodala trade

Originally Posted by hawkfan
David Lee for Andre Iguodala is a good deal for the Sixers:

1. Brand has a history of injuries, and if he breaks down then there is no one who can score inside. Lee provides that.
2. It opens up minutes for the young wings, instead of taking back Ellis who will demand the ball outside.
3. If Brand and Lee are both healthy, then that would be the best duo at the bigs the Sixers have had in a while. Two guys who can score 20 points per night, freeing up Holiday, Williams, Young, Turner, et al on the wings.
4. Next year, Brand becomes an expirer, and with Lee there, that allows the Sixers to pursue trades with that contract rather than possibly having him sit out the season via an injury or breaking down badly (like what happened with McDyess and Shaq this year).

David Lee is the better trade option for the Sixers.

David Lee is weak. No thanks. Contract sucks ass as well. Brand did a better job as a Sixer than David Lee as a Warrior last season.
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