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Originally Posted by LJJ
Actually, the coin flips the other way in 2001 and it's Ray Allen leading his Bucks to the finals instead of AI, as they were only narrowly beaten in the conference finals.

There is no player achievement more overstated than AI leading his team to the finals. (his single performance of note by the way) Who did he beat again? They barely edged out the Raptors who still had a 40 year old Oakley in the starting lineup. Then they barely edged out the Bucks to get to the finals. It was one of the weakest conferences I can remember. Then the Sixers got crushed in the finals by a Lakers team that was only half trying.

Haha "ray allen leading his bucks?" Last i heard he had cassell and gb. The big 3 against the great one.

Greatness prevailed.

End of story.
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