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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by Jailblazers7
Next Lars von Trier films to be an artistic porno? Apparently all the sex scene will be real.

im in two minds about this. on one hand, i have for some time now felt that we will see shia become a really serious actor, well atleast one with those ambitions. he has been doing alot of indie stuff, and getting naked for music videos. so i actually wasnt disgusted when i saw he was doing von triers next film. i also agree with his sentiments regrading the studio system in america- it hasnt taken him long to see that nothing can be done within the studio system and hes quickly clensing himself of it, props to him. its so easy to take the money and do garbage, as we see with alot of them, or balancing acts as we see with dicaprio's/pitts etc. shia says hes completely done, lets see....
on the other hand, doing a von trier film has become the go to for artistic acceptance as an actor and its starting to grate on me. real sex scenes with him ****ing gainsbourg? you guys arent even gonna get this in your cinemas. this is also just the kind of thing that von trier go's for. plenty of his films have already had unsimulated sex in them, just not with big names.
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