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Default Re: Official Yi Thread

Originally Posted by technomaster
Does anyone have any thoughts as to Yi's upside... or more urgently, his role on the 2008-2009 Nets team?

There's a big fat opening at the SF position, vacated by RJ and Nachbar. Yi and CDR are the two best suited for that position. Yi has a year of NBA experience under his belt.

Last year he was given ample minutes to put up numbers and averaged 8.6ppg/5.2rpg in 25mpg.

Given his height & skill set, I'm picturing something like Rashard Lewis as his top potential. maybe 20ppg/7rpg in a great year. I don't think he has quite the same 3pt accuracy, though.

So... my take - maybe 12ppg/6rpg in 28mpg.
emm, nah... Simmons or Hayes before CDR and Yi(7 foot PF)... I want Yi at PF.
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