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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by T_L_P
What did you like so much about Gravity?

I thought it was beautiful to look at, but pretty empty when you really try to think about it. I've come to the conclusion that it's just an artistic disaster flick
I 100% bought into Sandra Bullock's character, her past and her doubts about whether it was worth struggling on. Her relative inexperience also allows you to identify with her a bit in such an impossible situation. That just added to the already high level of tension throughout the movie. The bleak tone and the isolation and silence of space pulled me in and that's a credit to the overall direction, not just the visual effects.

That's the difference between Gravity and something like Avatar (which you compared it to previously) for me. Both huge technical achievements but one won me over on a visceral level while the other was merely going through the action movie motions while looking extremely good.

And when it comes to ratings, the way I look at it:

10 = incredible, the best of the best.
9 = excellent
8 = very good
7 = good
6 = decent
5 = meh
4 = bad
3 = awful
2 = horrendous
1 = The Human Centipede 2

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