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Default Re: I'm pretty sure an ATL/LAL trade will happen

please tell us why atl wants to get raped pretty much,they give up zaza for ebanks,get Steve Blake and give up a better guard,lose a younger defensive expiring star for an aging 40 million dollar star and absolutely murder their chances in fa.

Why in the blue hell woul atl do that.Its beyond stupid.They could sign Howard and or Paul in the offseason along with having smith,Teague,and horford.

I don't see Jerry west as the atl GM and they're not trying to cut their fa chances and tack on more salary so why do it.Smith and Howard are best friends,atl is his hometown and the hawks would have 40 mill in cap room thus offseason if they don't make any drastic moves and be patient.They could become a championship contender.
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