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Default Re: Exclusive: US government wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman

Originally Posted by UK2K
That is a definitive fact.

Obama didn't do it, obviously, but there's no question that he knew about it. Paul Mantafort has lived in Trump Tower for years.

Trump's Tower and Trump are interchangeable??? All of Trump's properties are off limits? Is Trump tower a free haven to evade the FBI? So why didn't Kushner have his secret sever meeting in Trump Tower if its lockproof. Who told on Trump Jr when he had his meeting in Trump Tower with Manafort and the Russian lawyer.

As citizens we should be more concerned about them getting it right. Manafort has lied and said he didn't have contact with Russians, that's reason enough for them to be on him again. Mueller's people got a judge to give permission to raid his home with Trump as President. So its not just the FBI. What is it, like 90 to 10 that he will be indited? Sorry but waaaay too many lies have evolved since that Trump tweet. If he got this right its the law of averages. Very different if Trump was humble and admits when he's wrong.
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