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Default Re: Latest Basketball Clip

Originally Posted by ElBronco
With a pullup jumper like that, I could not defend you

Eh, nobody can really guard me in a full court 5 on 5 game. My basketball IQ is too high, I'll pick people apart with whatever is there. I've played with college players, pro players, ex-NBA players, etc etc. Obviously this tournament had some sub-par defenders.. but even against the best defenders, I'll be able to use some kind of my skill or basketball ability, whether it's hitting the open shot (In High school, I shot 60% from the Field, 50% from 3pt, and 92% from the FT line), finding the open man (Passing is my favorite part of basketball), or whatever is applicable in game. I mean, even against the best defenders, I'm able to read the game and whatnot. It's all part of being Asian and intelligent! XD

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