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Default Re: Lets Be Real: Dirk Was More Successful as a Lead Dog Than KG

OP has a real thirst for the topic:

Duncan was more successful than Shaq and Karl Malone more successful than Barkley. Magic was more successful than Bird. If you go by playoff rounds and great franchise competition, Magic was the most successful guy in the modern era - moreso than Jordan.

Teams are built around certain players. You get guys to compliment your stars. Dallas is a good organization and they've done that throughout Dirk's career. Minny wasn't a good organization so they didn't build anything. KG had to be the many things that the team and organization wasn't. Dirk wasn't a multiple faceted player at anythime in his career. So if the GM doesn't get defense, rebounds, other shooters, leaders, step up guys in the playoffs, and setup guys his team can't win. Minny was never able to bring in those type of players at all - and the one time they did, their health gave away.

Dirk in a bad organization/coaches would more than likely be Alex English or Kiki Vandeweghe.

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