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Default Re: Only 6 corporations own the Media in our country..

Originally Posted by Riddler
If I care to explain?

Very hard to do... but it's all very real... and very interesting....

You're gonna have to research it on your own.

Keywords to google/youtube together:

Strawman/ Freeman/ Sovereign/ Capitis Diminutio Maxima...

It's extremely complicated...

maybe this video helps:
The Freeman and Strawman Explained

I have a lott of thoughts on that video.

I think he's right when he talks about the sphere of humanity being larger than the sphere of law. I've always felt that way in general. It's maddening that just by being born on this specific patch of dirt we call America, I am subject to laws I never agreed to- and would never agree to if given the choice. Having my personal freedom restricted by law is a terribly uncomfortable feeling.

But at the same time, you'll drive yourself crazy thinking about it too much. I do, anyway. The disparity between my core beliefs and the world around me is too great- the more I focus on it, the worse I feel.

I still delve into that stuff from time to time, but to me economics is so much nicer. It's just as interesting, but not as anxiety-producing. I can still point out the faults of our cultural rulers, but it doesn't constantly remind me that I'm being ruled ;)
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