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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

I've watched a ton of documentaries during my recoup here.

A couple Hollywood insider pieces. Something about the MPAA ratings board, that was OK. One about screenwriters, which was meh. One about the history of American Horror Movies that was good.

Then I watched a bunch of skateboarding docs for reasons I can't fully explain. I used to skate as a kid, and I was pretty good and really loved it, but I stopped by 15. I did love the Dog Town and Z Boys documentary, thought it was a lot better than the movie. So I watched The Bones Brigade doc, which is really closer to my era, than the Dog Town stuff. Then I watched the Danny Way doc, that covered his mega jumping the Great Wall of China. And I watched the Christian Hosoi doc. I really liked all of them.

I watched a comedy roundtable discussion with Bill Hader, Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, and Jim Carey. I was hoping it'd be as good as the one HBO aired a few years ago with Ricky Gervais, Rock, Louis CK, and Seinfeld, but it wasn't. Still watchable. It's only an hour.

I watched the South Park Doc about how they go from no script to airing an episode in 6 days, which was awesome.

And I watched The Woman Who Wasn't There, a doc about a woman who faked being at the WTC during 9/11, and claimed she lost a fiance' there too, for reasons that are never clear, other than that she's a nutjob. That was interesting, but leaving her motives out, made it less than spectacular, even though she ditched the project after being found out, and getting that motive was impossible, it still made for too many questions after watching than before. Crazy story though.
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