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Default Re: Amanda Bynes: ruined

Originally Posted by OldSkoolball#52

Do you like when kids who get bullied in school end up killing themselves?

Do you think picking on a kid who gets good grades is any different on picking on someone who has a lot of money?

The fact that people revel in the breakdowns of girls like Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes is very very disturbing to me. Most of these people would say they're against bullying, or it makes them sad when they hear about girls who become messed up and fall into a depression. But if the girl is famous and has personal problems... its somehow awesome?

I mean I expect loser trolls like mr rad to be bout that. But people who are supposed to be normal? What pleasure does it give you to see someone succumb to the anxiety and insecurity fame and constant exposure can bring? Even if these girls want to lay low, they cant. They're stalked by cameras everwhere. I understand amanda bynes is puttin her own self on blast here, but the reason she prob goin so crazy is because all her problems get made public. plus these young 'starlets' are expected to have a twitter and always interact with their fans and be interesting and be sexy. And they're just regular girls, they're not uber savvy business masterminds. They're still insecure like any girl, they're trying to fit in, they're worried about this or that. And they get put on camera all the damn time. If they have personal issues or family troubles, its headline news. Not to mention all the pressure in hollywood on these inexperienced girls to be a badass and a sex symbol and all that. thats why hilary duff quit showbiz. hollywood was basically trying to convert her image into a slutty sex symbol, and she said no thanks.

I'm not sayin these girls are guilt free. but the problems they go through happen to millions of adolscent or young adult girls all over the country. you probably dont get all happy and shit when you see it happen to regular girls. why does it change when it happens to these girls? gives you a laugh on a message board?

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