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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto V discussion

Originally Posted by The Real JW
Bad Sport lobbies are more fun than regular lobbies.

Agreed. I got a 7 day sentence last Saturday. I may extend that when I get off tomorrow. I enjoy it more. And you can blow up personal vehicles with the only punishment being paying the insurance. No problem with me. People have been voting to kick me which is amusing. Not because I pride myself on being a dbag. In fact I'm not one of those gamers. Its the simple fact that we are both bad sports punished. How can you actually vote to kick someone in such a setting? Ummmm excuse me gamers who voted to kick me how did you land here again? Wasnt by accident.

My one complaint is some people use invincibility hacks so you cant kill them but they can run you over and kill you repeatedly.

I'm close to 1000G, got the 30 platinum award medals achv today.
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