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Originally Posted by Swaggin916
I didn't know the supermans were bad for you... what if you alternate on the ground with opposite hand and leg up? That's how I used to do them but I figured it would be easier to explain just a 2 arm and 2 leg superman.

I don't understand the human body sometimes. You are able to do a lot of things which are terrible for it (such as bending over and lifting with your back) but you don't really reap the consequences until one time where you just tweak it, or when you get older and it hurts like hell... you should just have to squat down in order to pick up things... and your body should tell you that superman's are bad

No doubt the back is a confusing area. I tend to listen to Stuart McGill when it comes to the back, he suggests no situps (I do a very strict form of crunches with very little spinal flexion with my clients) and just read he precautions with the supermen.

The problem with the opposite arm-leg superman is that you will still get the double compression, I would just do them on all 4's so the lumbar doesn't compress and one should be able to activate the muscles better that way.
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