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Default Re: Divisional round GT

Originally Posted by ballinhun8
Please good for the sake of the NFL, do not let the NFC representative in the super bowl be a QB led team by the name of Case Keenum or Nick Foles. No one will care to watch that. And if they're already worried about ratings, well that's not gonna help them either.

Interesting tidbit btw that I sort of found out.

1986: Dolphins
1997: Jaguars
2002: Steelers
2004: Colts
2005: Steelers

2008: Chargers
2012: Ravens
2015: Colts
2017: Steelers

Notice a trend there. If they beat either of those two teams in the AFCCG they win a SB. They beat another team, they lose the SB. Could Bortles be our answer!!??

2018: Jaguars

Lose SB. Football God's have spoken (aka me)
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