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Default Re: The Official All-Time Detroit Pistons Roster

You cannot call this an "official" team. Official means that the Pistons have come out and said that this is their "Official" All Time Team. You clearly do not understand what the word "Official" means, nor do you know who the greatest players in Detroit history have been.
the pistons don't know who would be in their official all-time team, and would only be guessing (unless their team was exactly like mine), just like you have, and dismally failed if i might add. i, on the other hand, know for a fact who should be on the official all-time team, which is why it is called the official all-time detroit pistons roster. debusschere is nowhere near good enough to be named, guys like yardley and howell are the third and fourth best small forwards in pistons history, with debusschere barely making the top 5
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