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Post Re: Derrick Rose >>>> Devin Harris. Now and Forever

Now he needs to learn when to finish a drive and when to pull up and take a shot or pass to a teammate. Okafor single-handedly kept the Bobcats in the game last night by blocking Rose as much as he did. I like that Rose admitted after the game that he shouldn't have gone straight up for a layup at the end of regulation, but that's something he should have figured out by then. Okafor does one thing great - block shots. The first thing Rose should have done, and should do in the future, is look for the pass to the guy Okafor should be defending.

Although I can't blame Rose completely - Vinnie should have had Okafor's guy setting the picks at the top to get him out of the lane. That would have cleared things up for Rose inside, and Okafor definitely isn't as quick defensively on the perimeter as Diaw who was trapping Rose all night.
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