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Default Re: 23 hr flight from NY to Seoul - need a game to download and play on my laptop

I'm not a computer gamer by any means. Don't think these fit what you are looking for either...

The only games I've played in the last few years have been:
--Altitude - Probably going to want to be online for this.. One of the best online games I've ever played. Stupidly addicting.
--Oregon Trail - Yeah, that one.
--Civ 5 - Terrifically developed, very replayable, and the games take a long while so this is good one for your situation.
--Minecraft - Another good for a long flight. I'm sure you probably played it by now.
--Armadillo Run - A physics game. Fun time killer, really.
--Virtual Villagers - Kind of a interactive puzzle deal. I found it challenging and real time helps develop in the game.

And I would recommend them all.

Have a nice flight.
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