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Based on our current situation and the pace at which waivers and buy-outs are happening, our best move is to get a defensive SF or PF in case Ariza, Bynum, Walton or Vlad Rad cannot make it.

I see what you're saying, but we have Kobe, Lamar and Shasha that can play the 3, and Turiaf backs up the 4 & 5 pretty well on the defensive end.

I'd like to pick up Lue to have on hand to defend Tony Parker, Nash, Deron and CP3 should we need it. Fish is going to have trouble against those guys, and Farmar can't do it all, it'd be nice to have Lue's pestering on-the-ball defense to pull out of the deck should we start getting killed by those guys. You could even play Farmar or Lue at the point and Fish at the 2 guard with Kobe at the 3, Fish can guard SG's better than PGs cuz he's so strong, his slow feet might be trouble against the speed demons.
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