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Originally Posted by gts
rosters fine as is, get some guys back from their injuries and we'll be good... my lord we are 13-2 for the month, and first in the

lets just sit back and enjoy, we got a really good squad of guys, they got some work to do and that's fine.. it's also scarry to think that this team is playing like they are and still have some wrinkles that need to be smoothed....

defense needs work, but that's a team thing and the hardest to consolidate, but with the effort they have shown and a little practice time that will come around...
big problem since they picked up gasol has been the schedule it's been non stop and no real time to put in a few days of solid practice, so it's been on the fly for the most part...

but they will get it, i have faith in mr 9 rings and the staff.. the players work hard and are committed to a solid run through the playoffs

I understand we're doing great and all that, but come on this is strictly for playoff basketball.

Whats not to love about a guy thats been with us before and defended the hell out of the other starting PG's.

I know defense is a team thing but even Stu Lantz says "Defense starts with the point guard. Why should we keep watching Pau play horrible pick n roll defense because our guards gamble too much?

Why is it a bad move if we're adding more talent to a system that the player already knows?

I have faith in mister 9 rings as much as the next guy but Im not sure that I can have that same faith in an aging point guard that's in a major slump, or in a very young PG that gets "tired" after playing 20 + mins a few games in a row, after all that seems to be the excuse for him all the time now.

Tyronn can not only drain the outside shot but the way he attacks the basket and hits those tear drops and layups is something we can definitely use.

If noone is interested in him I say its our turn to add some more veteran help. Playoffs are-a-nearin!
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