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Default Front Squats vs Leg Presses for Quads

I am currently doing a jump program which I'll start tomorrow. It basically has no squats in the workout(lots of movement that ends up making you go in that position but not really any real squats). There's this one exercise which are called explosion squats which are basically leg presses. Lots of comments have been made about front squats being a lot better then the leg press. Even my bro(a guy who told me that 2 miles a day and running is the good way to go to gaining vertical inches) agrees with the necessity of a squat, strangers in jump/muscle building forums, and etc agree with it. The creator of the jump program claims that he had results with the leg press. I wonder if he could have had MORE results with the front squat or a quad dominated squat. This jump program focuses on specific muscles to drain them(1 day of weight training, 1 day of plyometrics, 2 days of training how to jump, 2 days of light upper body training, and 3 days of stretching. all of them are integrated). What are your experiences in which one gets better gains?
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