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Default Re: Front Squats vs Leg Presses for Quads

It's the Jump Manual lol. All over the net, it's like the #1 program. Really good service so far. One of the admins recommend the Front Squat, but I asked him to clarify even more about it. They have some sort of thing where they do jumps to get coordinated. I don't really want to give it away though. I get what you mean by the total body coordination concept. I'll be asking them that.

I also started getting a lot more gains when I could do 1 legged dead lifts and one legged squats on the VJB bodyweight workout.

I don't know my starting lifts yet. I'll be testing them out on Tuesday for a 1 rep maximum due to tomorrow being a training day. Last time I tried squatting was with 25 pounds(guess it was 95). Due to bad form or something, when I tried squatting down, my legs didn't hurt at all but my spine and neck was killing me. Then I did 10 pounds and it didn't hurt my spine. However, it felt a bit more heavier then 25 pounds but not heavy for some reason. For some reason, in basketball, like meager weights seem to cause everyone surprise. Like when I came in, I could bench press 95 pounds. That was what most of the sophmores were bench pressing. I was expecting them to bench press like 150 easily. I then see the team captain bench pressing 135 pounds and it was crazy. I then hear about football players who are sophmores benching 160 easily lol.
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