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Default Re: Front Squats vs Leg Presses for Quads

Originally Posted by carpevicis
What program is this? This sounds like some BS... a true vertical jump program would not have you isolating muscles. It would have you maximizing the power you can produce through compound lifts like squats and deadlifts. Calf raises and hamstring curls are next to useless unless you are a total novice, in which any kind of jump training would be beneficial. Isolating muscles does not cause them to be coordinated, whereas a compound exercise would ensure your entire body is coordinated and explosive.

For me, I made great gains when I started doing squats and deadlifts. Before I had a clue about strength training (or any kind of athletic training for that matter), I used to do endless amounts of leg press and calf raises. All I got were big calves, but no increased jump ability. Then I started doing compound lifts, training my entire body, and when I added jump form training (just working on jumping), my results really shot up.

Just wondering, what are your stats for your lifts, especially the squat and deadlift?

Front squats and leg presses are not isolation movements. To teh OP, I would hit front squats and deadlifts for optimum results. However, leg presses are ok once in awhile to add additonal weight to what you would not other wise lift on the standing squats. The biggest issue with leg presses is the low back and protecting it.
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