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Default Re: My Crazy Mock 2016

6. New Orleans
WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN: In this line, Murray is still available. New Orleans has Eric Gordon coming off the books, and Murray would be a natural fit. I actually think they’d prefer Dunn. Holiday comes off next season, and I think they’d like to pair AD with a career PG partner, and Holiday, while a good player, sort of is what he is at this point. I also think, were they available, either Bender or Chriss, would intrigue them, with Ryan Anderson probably leaving too. Davis is probably destined to play a lot of center. And spacing around him as a cutting PnR, or iso guy against an opponent’s biggest defender, is probably a model they’re chasing. But they’re both gone here. Ellensen is the next best fit in that spot, but I just think Murray is on another tier on most boards at this point. Heild against might be someone teams just prefer to Murray.
WHAT I WOULD DO: Here’s the spot I’d take Dunn. Again, in my opinion, we’re approaching the end of a tier at this point. Dunn is to me not only the BPA (Best Player Available), he’s not a bad fit as the heir apparent to Holiday.

7. Denver (From New York)
WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN: I keep seeing Jaylen Brown in mocks here. I’d be shocked however, that if things fell as I’m thinking, and Hield were here, that Denver wouldn’t take him. He’d give them some identity. They need shooting. He’d play very well off of Mudiay. I don’t get the Brown fit. Mudiay is already a raw athlete they’re trying to mold, and he’s got the ball, and rightfully so in comparison to Brown. Their other asset is a cadre of good big young euro guys. Surrounding bigs and a PnR PG with Buddy, and hoping that Gallinari can return to being a shooting PF, is at least something they can use to evaluate how these guys all may eventually fit into a system. Watching Jaylen Brown careen towards the hoop while clogging up space for Mudiay doesn’t seem like it’ll help anyone.
WHAT I WOULD DO: Perhaps my thoughts above should’ve gone here. I would definitely take Hield. Ellensen is probably in the mix too, but I’m afraid he’s too groundbound to pair with either Nurkic or Jokic

8. Sacramento
WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN: This team just feels destined to screw this up. It’s a terrible spot for them. They’re going to be in desperate need of PG help, but they’re too far away from reasonably taking one in either direction. Ellensen and Brown are probably the consensus best players here, but the Kings have Cousins and Gay, as probably their only real NBA pieces playing those two positions. Brown is local enough that he’dve been easy to scout, even in HS, and his pedigree may drive them to take him. He is an NBA player physically, and just 19 years old. I could even see them reaching for a PG like Wade Baldwin, but I think if it fell like this, they’d take Brown.
WHAT I WOULD DO: If it were me, I’d trade Cousins to the Celtics for the three pick, take Dunn, get a couple young warm bodies to throw in there, James Young, maybe Smart, and then look at PF here, like Ellensen, Sabonis, or even Skal Labissier to play as a stretch next to Willie Cauley-Stein.
But again, I can’t predict a trade. I really don’t care for Brown. Ellensen has fallen far enough, and the possibility of playing him in a rotation where he can space for PnR diving WCS, or just play his jumper off of Boogie, is as good a fit as I’m probably going to find here.
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