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Default Re: My Crazy Mock 2016

19. Denver (From Portland)
WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN: Third first rounder for Denver, and I’ve already got them taking two of the more polished pieces available in the draft in both threads. I think they’d be looking big upside or a stash pick here. Most of the higher upside guys are gone. Stephen Zimmerman has some pedigree, but is another center. Zubac is maybe the best stash, but again, a center. I think they’ll stash Timothy Luwawa here. He’s a high end athlete who should be a defender at worse, but he’s got some ball skills, and the foundation of a shot.
WHAT I WOULD DO: Me, I’m taking Malachi Richardson. I don’t know why there’s be a ton of fear taking three first rounders onto this roster. They’re changing this team anyway. Someday they’ll choose between the two bigs. Gallinari and Wilson Chandler won’t be on the next good Denver team. Load up on shooters and athletes. They may have value in trades later too. Richardson has big upside as both a shooter and defender moving forward. I’d let all three of them play this season in a rotation at SG and SF, and see who gels with Mudiay. It’s his team now anyway.

20. Indiana
WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN: I know Dejuante Murray is way ahead of him on most boards, but I think The Pacers would be more intrigued by Malachi Richardson’s upside. He measures both physically, and from the shooting numbers, and he’s young, with a high pedigree. He adds size on the perimeter to help with the idea of George playing PF, and for possibly replacing Ellis down the road. I also don’t think my What I Would Do thinking next is out of the question in reality.
WHAT I WOULD DO: Another team in a weird spot. Paul George is a stud. And Myles Turner seems like a genuine building block. The rest of the roster is filled with guys good enough to make you compete, but not enough to get you anywhere (George Hill, Monta Ellis, etc.). Problem is at this point you’re not going to be able to upgrade on most of those pieces. They also just got rid of a good coach, who was coaching a style they wanted to get away from. They also actively talked about playing George at the four. They want to go faster. He’s undersized, but there is a PG who can go fast in this draft. Tyler Ulis. I could envision Ulis starting this coming season, and I like George Hill. He’s the only guy left who can change a teams’ identity, and this team wants to change its identity. Hill would be a great look off the bench playing dueling PGs, and he’s a good enough shooter to do it. I really think this could happen too. Bird has the good will to make a major change like this, and it feels like they’re in the middle of it.
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