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Default Re: Gta 5 Announced!!

Originally Posted by step_back
Interesting points GOBB. I think San Andreas was a hip hop kids wet dream. It played up to pop culture references better than any other GTA game in the series.

GTA 4 was gritty. Its main character was an eastern european immigrant. Trying to find his way in a new country in search of that elusive "American" dream. While it's a better story it's a serious sequel to follow up from a popcorn flick of a game like San Andreas.

I think the cultural stuff is the wet dream in general. San Andreas was that 90s hip hop culture. Vice City captured the excessive 80s culture. It ties into soundtrack, allows for broadly stroked jokes, paradies of characters.

And I think that was the biggest mistake IV made, not tieing itself to a culture. The soundtrack even was a problem because of it. But it also forced it to lose some of it's humor. Otherwise the game is spectacular.

I just hope they get back to a cultrural parady of some kind.
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