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Default Re: LeBron's decision was a smart one.

Originally Posted by NBAller
Like someone either in this thread or another thread as mentioned, Dirk has done it with no superstars, but sure enough people started to hype Jason Terry up (look how he's doing now?) they hyped Marion up and just about every other role player to discredit the win, and Dirk. Sort of like what they're doing with Miami now. I can't think of a championship team that didn't either have A) the most dominant player in the league or B) a stacked team with at least two superstars besides Dirk and I THINK Olajuwon? but then again I haven't been watching the NBA since it started running.

Besides people are acting like the current Lakers, Nuggets, Thunder, Knicks are all cakewalks. They act like this is really just given to Miami. Someone in this thread already said "Miami wins, who cares?" ( I bet he was sucking Jordans dick though).

All that aside I still haven't seen one legitimate reason in this thread that would sway my opinion otherwise. How was this a bad decision? I'll wait.

that's not true at all, he got some hype due to some big shots like this

But nobody was seriously considering him to be a legit 2nd option to a championship team.. people also brought JT up a lot due to not only the big shots like i showed above but also because he outplayed (well, outscored Lebron in the finals and that was a big deal for a bench player to do)

So yeah, JT & Marion got some love due to big shots & in Marions case his defense on Lebron, but everybody realizes that these are not your typical 2nd & 3rd best players on a championship team
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