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Default Re: LeBron's decision was a smart one.

Originally Posted by Y2Gezee
Always going to tarnish his legacy for me. I can't watch a guy who is probably the best player in the world, and probably the best pure basketball overall talent in history from a skill and physical to join a team that was going to be good enough to win with him or without him, when he had multiple other choices to join and could've joined other superstars/stars like Blake Griffin, Brook Lopez, Derrick freakin Rose, etc....and he joins 2 other superstar players including his chief rival...Can't watch that and be impressed by him.
You're stressing way too much on how teams are put together rather than what they are. Bosh didn't play a lot in their championship run. Wade wasn't himself either. So I would much more have preferred prime Shaq in one set than those two. I would have preferred McHale and Parrish in another set, and Kareem and Worthy in another set, Pippen and Rodman in another set, Westbrook and Harden/Ibaka in another set. They cover much more bases than Wade and Bosh. Lebron was competing against a reality of how things come to be rather than a basketball fan's conception of how things should be done.

The harshest reality is that either things get done or they don't. You can keep up with the world or get left behind. You either make your best decision or you don't.

What I find amazing is that Rose and Lebron were easily the two biggest competitors in the league. When a star player lines up across from them they are the only two you can count on giving an all out game. Pierce is close. But you guys who are so hard core against Lebron, I never see yall, talk about competition unless its to dog Lebron. I don't recall you as a poster so its not personal here.
I've played basketball, and the history of the game supports the fact that playing with good/great players makes you better. It's no accident that Lebron/Wade/Bosh are shooting career highs...teams have to cover you differently because of who you play with. It's no accident that Durant is shooting at a career high, playing with a top 10 player like Westbrook.
Durant is conscious of his quality of shots. He usually follows Lebron's lead.

Lebron is playing a flat out quality game all over the court. Its real rare to lead the league in points in the paint and shoot 40% from three. Its rare to lead your team in all the major categories for three years and they win a great percentage of them. Its even harder when you say he has great teammates - there's a reason why nobody else has done that. His teammates don't make him the best all around defender in the game. His teammates don't make him a sound decision maker. If you choose not to see quality its on you. Don't blame his decision. A true fan wouldn't let that get in the way anymore than realizing that there are dynasties in the sport.

It's like if the Lakers had Shaq/Kobe and cleared enough space to pick up Tmac in like 04. It's not a knock on Shaq/Kobe, Tmac was the one to join and make things easy for himself to finally get over the hump.

I'm actually enjoying watching the Big 3 play, its fun for the league, brings eyeballs to the screens. However, don't read me this guy's stat sheet and tell me how he's everything for the Heat when 2 others have sacrificed to really highlight him, and a plethora of replacement stars could take James' spot and the Heat would be the favorite to win it all.
Curious, do you feel that way about the current Lakers?
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