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Default Re: LeBron's decision was a smart one.

Originally Posted by All Net
He would never of won anything with that roster...

That's not what all the ESPN experts, Cavs/LeBron fanbase and LeBron James himself were saying.

"Itís also important to me to make the team Iím on now the best," says James about his Cavaliers team. "I donít want to go "Ring - Chasing" as I call it, you know. Going to a team thatís already pretty established and trying to win a ring with them. I want to stay with the Cavs and build a champion. And I feel like weíre on our way." -LeBron James

Re: Shaq to the Cavs..
Originally Posted by Lebron23
Cavs are going to win the NBA Championship next year.

Great trade for the cavs, I think this is the missing piece they needed to get the championship, they just needed someone to hold their own down low, and take some pressure of lebron for easy buckets all the time...big Z is too soft, and Verejao is not strong enough although try as he might to contest with the lakers, celtics or magic bigs, shaq is a champion, and will lift another cog come finals time like he has many times before...Provided shaq is healthy in the finals, Cavs win championship, Im a bulls fan, I have no bias here, I just say it how it is...

Originally Posted by Kingwillball
Cavs will still add another piece or two to Shaq and a year better lebron. If everyone is healthy Cavs will win it all next it.

Cavs are already favourites for next year now they have shaq I think

Shaq is still a dominate big, you still have to double him unless you have a top notch centre (Yao or Dwight)

Then you have Lebron, nuff said, and a third option of mo williams

Shaq+Lebron on the same team=championship. A dominant post player is the missing piece in the puzzle for Cavs.

Cavs were a top 4 team this year with a horrible Frontcourt and if U add the Greatest Center of all time who is past his prime but still a top 5 Center in the league who can gaurd Howard,Bynam Ect.. to a year better Lebron and probably another addition via MLE Cavs would be in great Shape as long as everyone is healthy.

Re: Cavs close to trading for Antawn Jamison?
If we acquire Antawn Jamison without trading JJ Hickson the Cavs are going to be the team to beat in the NBA.

Danny Ferry for NBA General Manager of the Year.

Oh shit Cleveland is the clear favorite now, will the Wizards buy out Z so he can return to the Cavs?

The tools are there now Lebron....


Powe (coming back from injury)

WOW...deepest team in the league? Cavs-Lakers will be epic.

if Z gets bought out, then its over, this team will be completely stacked, the second unit alone is fkn scary, telfair jawad williams jamario moon hickson and Z, very young team cept for Z. im just worried now that the cavs are too stacked, if anyone understands that.

Wow! Cavs are a much better team now with Jamison and they didn't have to give up Hickson. I was hoping the Cavs get Amare so he can screw them over. With Jamison, he can fit into any team perfectly so he won't have any trouble fitting in the Cavs in the mid-season. And just as I thought Ferry was a retarded GM, he's looking like the executive of the year already.

Originally Posted by DonDadda59
The Cavs made off like bandits

Congrats to Lebron on MVP (and scoring title?) # 2, and championship (and finals MVP) #1

Cavs officially the team to beat in the East and Maybe the NBA. They are sooo deep wonder who will be losing out on minutes ?

With Jamison on board, the Cavs have the best roster in the East, and they should win the championship.

Plus, LBJ now has the second player he needs in AJ, and the other guys can now play their proper roles of being 3rd, 4th or 5th options.

Getting Jamison may even help the Cavs keep Shaq next year, at a reduced rate.
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