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Players under contract next season

Rose, Noah, Deng, Boozer, Taj, Butler, Hinrich, Teague.

No way we pick up RIPs 5 million option. And I don't see us amnestying anyone this offseason either.

Bulls definitely have some assets that could be packaged in a deal. Lu on his final year, the Bobcats pick, and Mirotic (don't think we would get fair value at all). Going after a guy like Love would be great, as long as we got to keep Rose, Noah, and Butler. Not saying adding Butler is a deal breaker, it would just suck because he's a steal on his contract.

So we pretty much have to build a bench again, outside of Taj and Kirk who are nice pieces off the bench. I hope we can bring back Nate, it'll be interesting to see if anyone tries to pry him away from us. I also liked what Marco brought to the team, and would be cool with him coming back on a cheap contract.

We aren't in any sort of position to go sign a big name free agent without some major cap cuts...I don't see that happening either. The post Boozer contract is really the only time we will have some major cap flexibility.

So, IMO the major need is a backup center. Some 3 point shooting and someone who can create is also needed, but being able to bring back Rose next season will obviously help the offense.

20th pick. On paper it looks to be a pretty meh draft. I'm thinking a guy like Dieng or Withey would be there. Neither can replace what we lost in Asik, but we need something. Combine and workouts will show us where we are going with the pick though, hope we can find a serviceable player.

I'm fine with bringing back Nazr on the cheap, but he's not the answer.

Finding another guard will be interesting. OJ Mayo would be great, but I don't think we can afford him. Kevin Martin if he doesn't stay in OKC, if we can afford him.

I could see Drew Gooden and John Salmons both getting amnestied this offseason, and I'd be cool if we brought either one of them back if they clear, obviously both worth nothing more than the min considering they'd still be getting paid from their teams now. Not bad depth adds IMO.

Once we figure out who will actually be on the market, it might be easier to speculate. I'm perfectly fine with another year of what we had, because we will bring back Rose. And of course at least adding some more depth inside.
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