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Default Re: News on Lance Stephenson courtesy of Yahoosports

Originally Posted by wang4three
Odom is considered a NYC baller regardless and himself claims to be one whether or not he played in the city circuit or not. I lived in this area all my life, played ball in Jersey, and know enough people who I respect and trust their opinion. Wow, you go to Harlem once a summer, that's great for you. Hope you have fun there, but it doesn't mean jack ****.
I am from New York, lived in New York for a large portion of my life.
The only time I left was to go High School, where I would stay with my father.

I balled in New Jersey as well.

But once again who are these people you speak of, are you just assuming thats what they would say because I know if not as many or more people in the City ball loop than you who I have heard claim BR is #1.

I visit Chicago a few times a year, but don't start acting like I know everything there is about their basketball network and circuits. In my time here, I've met more than enough people who know their way around and seen plenty of players play and know their **** and I'm going to take them on their word rather than guy who has a track record of putting Keith Brumbaugh in the same category as Carmelo Anthony, Tyler Hansbrough as a top 5 draft pick, Aaron Jackson as the nation's best point guard.

At the end of the day, you just don't have a good record of gauging and understanding talent. So forgive me if I'm going to call "bull****" here.
Thank You.

You dont have to take my word on anything, and Im actually getting tired discussing those topics you referenced to feel as if my word is illegitimate when discussing anything basketball related, simply just because you need an excuse for not actually knowing what you're talking about in this case instead of chiming in with mouth farts about how Lamar Odom is ranked higher than Lance. Its comical but I'll give you a pass for it because I Know you dont know what the **** you're talking about in this situation.

You're credibility went out the window right after you put Marbury over BR, that right there isnt even debatable unless you're using his Pro success as a measure over BR.

But once again the Keith Brumbaugh joke has worn old, I stick to exactly what I claimed about him if he ever got a chance in the NBA and to my knowledge I never compared him ever to Carmelo Anthony, if thats your perception of me as an evaluator so be it.

If you want to call bull**** on my opinions or credibility judging talent or telling you the facts about NYC HS basketball which you clearly dont understand than I suggest you put me on Ignore.
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