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Default Re: Any Experience with Elbow Injuries?

Originally Posted by W_Shadow
I had something like this a while back. It was less painful after a good warm-up. Is that also the case with your injury?
Yeah, that certainly seems to be the case here. Sometimes though, I can't tell if it's warming up or I'm just tweaking my shot in a way so as to not elicit the painful response.

Either way, how long did you deal with your issue?

Originally Posted by 9512
Are you from the US?

I am so glad I live in France. If I was you, it would be a non issue I would've gone to the doc.

Also have you considered shooting with your off hand? Not joking. You can rest your hurt elbow but still benefit from practice by shooting with your other hand because of the bilateral transfer (neurological adaptation) will improve the strong (in this case hurt) hand.

But really see a doc. Even if it cost money. It's your health and losing some $$ will be worth it.
Ha, yes, I am in fact from the USA. I haven't strongly considered shooting with my left hand yet because I feel even an improvised shooting technique with my right arm (one differing from my normal stroke and hence less accurate, but also less painful) would be better than going full lefty at this point.

The doctor may still be an option down the road, but my ability to do everything else in life with that arm except for being able to shoot a basketball without pain or throwing a baseball, leads me to believe a doctor's visit would just result in a large bill and a recommendation that I massage the area sometimes. Or, maybe they'll suggest an expensive test only to ultimately recommend I massage the area sometimes. Visiting the doc. for non-emergencies is a calculated risk.
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