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Default Re: How to dress for my interview next week...

Originally Posted by 9erempiree
First and foremost, the bolded part, I know not to wear those shoes. This isn't my first interview.

It's just that my dress clothes are on the fancy side and last time the same recruiter said I didn't need to be that professional. I agreed too.

This time around I want to be more casual since this isn't an executive position.

How about mixing and matching like the outfits on this page. It feels too casual to me. Don't want to look like a nerd and don't want to look like I'm applying for some clothing store. I think it's on the trendy side but I shop here sometimes. rtment=75

EDIT: Thanks

Depends on your budget and style. these look both stylish and appropriate. this shirt is pretty nice, I don't know what colours you wear though or your build etc. The shoes in that site are all too posh for an interview IMO
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