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Default Re: How to dress for my interview next week...

Originally Posted by LJJ
There is no situation where it's ever proper to wear a tie without wearing a jacket. If you want to go a bit more casual, wear the jacket or a sports coat without a tie, not the other way around.

Also lol at this cat who doesn't even own a suit but acts like he owns "Rolex stuff". Weak trolling effort there.

I have suits fool. Where in my post did you think I didn't own one? That's the problem here, I don't want to wear my suits because last time I did, the interviewer said not to wear it to the company that I was hired at.

Yes, I do own Rolex's. 2 Rolex and 1 Omega Seamster. Down to one Rolex now because I sold one of them to wipe out my credit card balance.

I can take pictures if you want? The Rollies in a safe deposit box but I have the SMP. It's a vintage 1984 Rolex GMT so I don't wear it much.
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