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Default If you were the GM, What would you do?

If I were the GM I would first find a good, well rounded coach (defense and offense) before the NBA draft. Second on draft night I would try to swap a trade for derrick Rose. Though unlikely, I'd still try. Besides Deng, I would let all the free agents go to free agency. I would offer Deng a 5yr 50mil contract seeing as how thats what he's worth. I would trade Noc and something else for Richard jefferson. If the trade for Rose didnt work out, I would trade Hinrich for Andre Miller. In free angency I would like for a strong capable center to back up Noah, and a veteran point gaurd to back up Rose or Miller. After all the pieces are put in place the team would look something like this:
New Coach
starters Bench
c-Noah c-FA, Aaron Gray
pf-Thomas pf-Gooden
sf-Jefferson sf-Thabo
sg-Deng sg-Hughes
pg-Rose or Miller pg-FA

It's not perfect, but the team is now well rounded and ready for development with plenty of minutes to go around for everyone. If you have any ideas feel free to share them.
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