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Default Re: If you were the GM, What would you do?

I'd try and trade Ben Gordon and Kirk Hinrich for Jermaine O'Neal and draft a good PG or I'd try and trade Ben Gordon, Tyrus Thomas and a draft pick for Elton Brand.

First lineup would be...

C: Noah/Gray
PF: Jermaine O'Neal/Drew Gooden
SF: Andres Nocioni/Tyrus Thomas
SG: Sefolosha/Luol Deng
PG: ?/Larry Hughes

Second lineup...

C: Noah/Gray
PF: Elton Brand/Drew Gooden
SF: Luol Deng/Nocioni
SG: Sefolosha/?
PG: Kirk Hinrich/Larry Hughes

I'd see how Sefolosha works out at SG but I'd rather sign or trade for a new SG all together. But out of those two lineups I like the second one the best. Elton Brand just showed he can still put up really solid numbers.

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